Weekly Zwift Shop Rides

Friday & Saturday Zwift Rides

Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19 we have had to move our normal shop rides online.

Like many of our fellow cyclists we have utilised indoor online training via the Zwift platform, and now we're running regular rides to keep all of our customers and friends fit. The rides themselves still cater to different abilities so there should be something for everyone in the comfort of your own homes. One of our shop team will organise each ride and we're now using Discord to keep in contact during the events.


Rides start at 10:55am to avoid the peak starts on Zwift (on the hour)

Speed & distance:

The faster Espresso group will ride at 1.5-2.5w/kg on Saturday

The steadier Cappuccino group will ride 1-2.5w/kg on Friday, with the elastic band on to keep the group together at all times

Rides are approximately 60 minutes long

How to join:

Download Zwift and the Zwift Companion app

Follow F LAMME ROUGE (the space is VERY important) on the Zwift Companion app

Find the event and mark yourself as going

Enter Zwift and start riding before the event

When the event is due to start you should receive an invite in the bottom left hand corner to join

Click the join button which takes you to the start


Follow this link to download Discord and join Dave's Discord Server https://discord.gg/4yQKXGn

01234 266204

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