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Introducing: Eovolt

Introducing: Eovolt

Eovolt’s stylish, compact and affordable electric bikes are here to change the way people travel. Designed for urban living where space is at a premium, these folding and mini-velo bikes slot seamlessly into any lifestyle and will quickly become indispensable to your daily routine!

Constructed in their factory in Lyon, Eovolt e-bikes are built to the highest standards. Every model features hand-polished welds for a smooth finish, and subtle-yet-eyecatching pastel matt paintwork. The lightweight motor, built into the rear wheel, kicks out a substantial 40Nm of torque – more than enough to power up those sudden inclines. 

The folding and semi-folding designs throughout the Eovolt range enable more than simply easy storage: the real game-changer is multi-modal travel. Inclement weather or an off-site meeting in the next town are easily hurdled by jumping on a train, made all the easier by the space-saving Eovolt frames.

Check out the range below, or drop in to our Bedford store for a test ride.

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