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New Tech: 2023 Trek Madone

New Tech: 2023 Trek Madone

New Tech: 2023 Trek Madone

The tour has begun and the shroud of mystery has been lifted: Trek’s Madone series has some new tech, a wild new look and the numbers are impressive too. Let’s take a closer look…

The Hole Truth

It’s been the talk of the internet since the first glimpses of this radical frame re-design back at the Dauphiné – but what is that space-age silhouette all about? Entitled “Isoflow”, this contoured section of the frame actually accelerates the rate of the air flowing across the bike to deliver a 3 watt power saving. 

Naturally, the alteration at this position of the bike has meant doing away with the IsoSpeed decoupler system. Trek’s research had shown that while the Isospeed tech added a little weight, the increase in rider comfort resulted in real-world performance benefits. Losing it has saved a chunk of weight, but cush-fans fear not! The shape of the IsoFlow, its junction with the seat tube, and a precise carbon layup, allows the cantilever effect to soak up rough road surfaces. A bit like a micro, UCI-compliant, version of the SoftRide design, for readers of a certain age!

An Hour Is Now 59 Minutes Long

That IsoFlow tech isn’t sitting there, expected to work to the full in iso-lation though. The tubes across the Madone frame have been revamped, with new truncated aerofoil profiles (Kammtail virtual foils in Trekkie), to clean up the overall frontal area of the bike. A new integrated handlebar and stem system makes use of a flared shape to narrow the position of the hoods – and therefore the rider – and also cut some weight. 

These alterations add up to a 19 watt saving at 45km/h, meaning that 45 kilometre distance will only take 59 minutes to cover! Of course for most riders, hitting that kind of pace is a rare treat. However, the aero savings pay off for us mere mortals too: 58 seconds are saved across an hour at 25kmh. 

The overall weight has also been pared back to 7.1kg for a 54cm fitted with Shimano’s 12-speed Dura-Ace groupset – for an aero bike, that’s impressive!

We have some very special examples arriving in our Bedford store in August, so keep your eyes on our socials for updates. Drop us a line or pop in to discuss Project One bespoke orders.

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