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Are you summer ready? Here's our top tips for enjoying the holidays on two wheels

Heading out on two wheels on the roads, tracks and trails is just what summer was made for. Whether you’re staying close to home on your local routes or you’re planning a cycling holiday, it’s essential to make sure you and your bike are summer-ready. This could be making sure you’ve got the right transportation equipment, your ride is mechanically sound or that you’ve got what you need in terms of accessories and hydration. Here are five things to get sorted now to ensure you’re summer-ready for the holidays.

Thule Epos folding towbar bike rack 

This is a truly outstanding way of transporting the family’s bikes. No more anxiety as you watch your rides bounce along the motorway in the rear view mirror. This is a really solid piece of kit that keeps your bikes safe and secure. The arms allow you to attach your bike anywhere on the frame or the rear wheel and you can load and unload up to three bikes in any order. All types of frames and geometries are supported, including e-bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes and bikes with mudguards and racks. Thule Epos also folds away for when you’re parked up or for storage when not in use, and is tiltable for easy access to your boot. We now stock the two-bike and three-bike versions.

Servicing and maintenance

Prepare for long summer rides by giving your bike a little TLC. Our workshop offers a range of service options to suit your needs, whether it’s something fairly basic, a thorough going-over or our gold standard service that’ll make your bike feel like new again. These maintenance packages offer everything from safety checks to drivetrain cleaning and lubrication to full stripping, cleaning and degreasing. 

Our no-booking approach means you can just ride up, leave your bike with our qualified mechanics and pick it up when it’s ready. For most customers, this means a two or three day turnaround.

Find out more on our workshop page

Kids bikes from Trek and Frog

Frog is a range of kids bike that’s brand new to Flamme Rouge – and we love them! Rather than simply taking adult bikes and shrinking them, Frog re-designed the child's bike from the ground up so that they’re easier to use for little hands and feet, with a selection of bright colours across the range. We stock the Frog 40, 44 and 47, which will take the average child from three to six years old.

Following on from Frog, we have the brilliant Trek Wahoo. This is available as the Wahoo 20, 24 and 26, which are aimed at kids from about six years old up until they’re approaching their teens. Wahoo comes with a simple 1x8 drivetrain for easy gearing and a lightweight frame that makes handling a breeze.

Too young for a pedal bike? Take your first step with the brilliant balance bikes Trek Kickster and Frog Tadpole

The Tifosi sunglasses range

We stock more than 20 of Tifosi’s awesome sunglasses range, with styles aimed at road riding, mountain biking, running, snowboarding and more. The entry point to Tifosi is very affordable, with the Centus single lens sunglasses available for only £34.99.

Our picks are the Tifosi Alliant Fototec sunglasses (pictured), which offer a multi-vented half frame design and Fototec Light Night photochromatic lens, with a light transmission range from 27.7% (fairly dark) to 75.9% (virtually clear). There’s also the Tifosi Intense interchangable lens sunglasses (pictured), which come with three lenses that are easily swapped out to suit the light conditions and a virtually indestructible Grilamid TR90 frame with hydrophilic rubber temples.


Keeping hydrated in the hot weather is essential to enjoying your ride, going the distance and – most importantly – keeping safe. Our in-store range of hydration-related products includes energy and hydro tabs from OTE and insulated bottles from Trek to keep your drinks nice and cool. There’s also our very own Flamme Rouge branded water bottles for customers with impeccable taste.

Come and visit us in store to find out more and to make sure you’re ready to make the most of the fantastic summer ahead.

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