Oltre XR3 Disc


Disc brakes allow you to maintain a clean aero form, while achieving maximum braking

efficiency. The key benefit is the modulation of braking power with precision and

complete control, in any conditions.


Oltre XR3 hydraulic disc brakes are impervious to adverse weather conditions. By

developing the new disc brake equipped Oltre XR3, Bianchi allows you to ride perfect

lines at the optimum speed – for every single corner, rain or shine.


For the rider, the new Bianchi Oltre XR3 Disc is a revelation on the road. With its

viscoelastic resin in the Countervail equipped frame and the consistent power, precision

and modulation of disc brakes, the new Bianchi Oltre XR3 Disc the ideal handling fast

aero road bike - on any road, in any weather.


Oltre XR3 Disc frame and fork are designed to accommodate wider tires. The extra

clearance enhances comfort and grip.

The Flamme Rouge Verdict:

"With British Cycling and LVRC now allowing the use of disc brakes in racing, and the technological advances that have narrowed the weight difference to standard rim brakes, we really can't think of any reason not to go disc!


If you want a fast race machine matched with the unquestionable reliability of disc brakes, this is going to be the bike for you. 


Coming soon at Flamme Rouge Cycles."

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