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Bike Fit: Transform your riding


Trek Precision Fit is designed in a way so that any rider can be assessed to find their optimum position and have that position applied to their bike.


An optimum position establishes best comfort, efficiency and power output.


With the help of our Fit Jig, and our Trek Precision Fit level 2 Qualified Fitter, here at Flamme Rouge, we can provide a bike fit before buying a bike to determine the best geometry for you, or fit you to your current machine.

Who is this for?

All riders, no matter how experienced, can benefit hugely from having the correct set up on the bike.

No pain or discomfort should be present when riding a bike and a fit can help diminish or prevent pain to begin with.

We have seen countless clients who have purchased the incorrect size of bike, make sure this doesn’t happen to you by having our Fit First procedure.


We give you a bike fit to determine the geometry that suits you and work backward to find the perfect bike for you based on your fit data rather than what we have lying around the show room.

Pro Bike Fit


Perfect for a rider who has felt discomfort or pain whilst riding, has had previous injuries or is serious about upping their mileage

  • Our all-encompassing fit offers an in depth look into your capabilities to find YOUR perfect fit.

  • Within the 2-3 hour session we offer full rider interview which includes previous cycling experience, injuries/pains, future goals. A full physical assessment combining posture, flexibility, range of motion and current riding position.

  • Within the fit itself we will look at cleat/shoe set up, video analysis and biometric angle measurements and if required, a complete written report with pre and post fit measurements attached.

  • Within this timeframe we will set up your bike to dimensions determined on the jig.

  • 10% discount on shoes and components purchased as a result of the fit.

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