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Bontrager R4 Classics Hard-Case Lite Road Tyre

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A hand-built road tyre with a supple, lightly treaded design that offers uncompromising speed, traction and confidence.
- A fast-rolling road race tyre for when traction and confidence matter most
- A high grip tread and compound performs in wet and dry conditions
- Super supple polyamide synthetic fibre reinforcement provides added casing strength
- Hard-Case Lite protects against punctures with lightweight, sub-tread material
- Super-supple 320 TPI casing rolls fast with great ride feel
- Clincher tyre made using the same handmade process as tubulars to maintain suppleness and ride quality
- The chamfer reinforcement layer adds protection at the tyre's sidewall right up to the tyre bead

Hard-Case Lite puncture protection
Our lightest-weight puncture protection adds a layer of protection while keeping things light and without sacrificing ride quality.

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