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Bontrager Aeolus RSL Bike Saddle

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An ultra-light aero road saddle with a full cut-out that maximises power and minimises soft-tissue pressure for sustained comfort.
- Race Shop Limited design was developed for the needs of Trek Factory Racing
- The short profile provides targeted support for any gender rider in an aero riding position
- Full saddle cut-out minimises soft-tissue pressure allowing for a more powerful, rotated position
- Carbon shell and oversized carbon rails keep it uber-light and ultra-comfortable
- Minimal bonded padding shaves weight and creates a sleek, high-end aesthetic
- The two sizes are designed to align saddle with bone structure and avoid soft-tissue compression

Aeolus RSL Bicycle Saddle
Aeolus RSL utilizes the latest biomechanical research and a full cutout design to eliminate soft tissue pressure and maximize power and comfort for riders in an aero position.

Longer cutout
The split design of the full saddle cut-out extends from the nose through to the rear of the saddle to minimise soft tissue pressure and allow for a more powerful, rotated position.

Wider nose
Aeolus has a wider nose with a shorter overall length that ensures that the whole saddle is usable and comfortable, whether you?re sitting up on the hoods or hammering in the drops.

Fit for any rider
Aeolus is designed and tested to work well for a wide range of riders of any body type and gender, and is available in multiple sizes to provide the best individual fit.

Blendr integration
You can get a Blendr accessory mount that attaches securely to the rear of this saddle for clean integration with any Bontrager Flare rear light. There's still enough allowance for a seat pack, as well.

Initial setup tips
Aeolus is optimised for the best fit and performance, so it?s slightly shorter than a traditional saddle. When swapping out your old saddle, we suggest starting with an extra 10mm of setback from the nose and a 2-degree downward tilt.

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