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Bontrager Digital Shock Pump

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A digital shock pump with an accurate, easy-to-read gauge and a thread-on design that minimises bleed-off so you can easily adjust your shock pressure.
- Easy-to-read gauge accurately reads up to 300 PSI (20 bar)
- Threaded design for a secure connection that reduces bleed down
- Bleed valve reduces pressure in small increments
- Suitable for use with front forks and rear shocks
- Displays PSI, bar, or kg/cm2
- Replaceable CR2023 battery

Easy-to-read digital gauge
A broad, back-lit digital gauge provides accurate pressure readings to a maximum of 300 psi (30 bar)

Minimise connection bleed off
The fast and secure connection minimises bleed-off when connecting and disconnecting

Bleed valve to fine-tune suspension
The bleed valve allows you to release small amounts of pressure to fine-tune your suspension to exactly where you want it

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