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  Sorry! DT Swiss 350 Classic front disc 6 bolt 110 x 15 mm Boost, 32 hole, black is no longer available.

DT Swiss 350 Classic front disc 6 bolt 110 x 15 mm Boost, 32 hole, black


Whilst DT's legendary superlight 240 hub gets all the glory, out there winning everything from Grand Tours to DH World Championships, no other hub powers as many rides as DT's value work horse the 350Based heavily on the 240, the 350 has a less-machined hub shell and axle, saving considerable CNC time at the cost of a slightly higher weightAs a major upgrade, the latest 350 rear hubs now feature the 36-tooth SL ratchets, greatly speeding up engagement and reducing the weight of the rear hubDT are the original ratchet hub innovators, with over 25 years of development and refinement behind it no other manufacturer has matched DT's system for ease of service. reliability and durabilityTool-free servicing concept make maintenance quick and simple, even mid-ride in a pinchThe same quad bearing system as used in the 240, with custom DT steel bearings and improved contact-free double flange sealing giving added durability and performanceThis all comes together to make the 350 an exceptional performer at its price point; tough. light, fully rebuildable and renowned for its long term reliability, the 350 is the natural choice for almost any build

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