Ollie Kicks Off His Season in Abingdon

February 27, 2017

Every year I say I’m not going to race in February but yet again I find myself itching to get going and pin a number on, despite the gale force winds and freezing temperatures! This weekend I raced at the Outdoor Traders Dalton barracks 2/3/4 circuit races.


Living fairly local these have been a great start to the year as I’m able to ride out, race for an hour then ride home, getting a good 60 miles in the legs including an hours solid racing.


Photo Credit: Steve Cartmell


Due to the wind being fairly strong and racing on a very exposed airfield the race split apart after 15 minutes, two riders had managed to chip off alone so I stuck it in the gutter and eased off the front, 5 others soon joined me and we quickly but not quite cohesively started working together to chase the front two down. The bunch seemed uninterested so our gap grew fairly quickly. After about 40 minutes of through and off we were within 15 seconds of the front two but simply ran out of race to close them down. I managed to win the sprint from our small break to secure third place.


 A pleasing result given the level of fatigue im currently carrying and fair play to the lads who got 1st/2nd they fully deserved that!


Photo Credit: Elliot Haigh

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