A Busy Weekend for Flamme Rouge Cycling Team

March 13, 2017

This weekend was jam packed with racing for Flamme Rouge.


Roy Thame


On Saturday we had The Roy Thame RR, the first Central Road Race League event of 2017. Alex, Matt, Ollie and Myself headed to Buckingham unsure of exactly what to expect with it being the first major Road Race of the season, still we were confident that a result could be had.


The race started as it meant to go on... fast and bumpy, very bumpy. This race is renowned for the bad road surface and being a puncture fest and it wasn't more that an hour in until I found myself less than 6" behind the neutral service car chasing to get back on. Ollie and Matt were still well placed in the bunch and following the dangerous looking moves as I got back on.


All was going well, our new dinner ladies in the feed station, Annie and Lucy, were serving our bottles like seasoned professionals and the race was hotting up. Arm warmers off and then bang, mechanical number 2. Back to drafting the neutral service car with 1 1/2 laps to go and get back on just before the draggy section, attacks

start flying and I'm done. Two lots of chasing has taken it out of me and I call it a day frustrated but pleased with the effort I'd put in.


Matt and Ollie still in a good position for the bunch kick for 11th behind the break. With the somewhat sketchy finish and the first race in a long season the boys played it safe and rolled in 26th and 44th respectively.



Jock Wadley