2018 starts here...

This weekend saw the team line up in 3 races. Early season road racing is always hard; with grim conditions and unknown form making for tough events, these were no exception!


Saturday we had 2 squads riding with our development riders in the Spring Chicken (3/4) race and the senior squad riding the same course in the Roy Thame (E/1/2) race in the afternoon. Sunday saw the senior squad heading east to compete in the Jock Wadley Road Race (E/1/2)


Spring Chicken Road Race (10th March) – Report by Alexi Edwards:


The race went off pretty fast for the first lap, loads of punctures everywhere and so many

 potholes. My first thought was to get myself to the front straight away so I could avoid the crashes. I got there pretty fast and there was a big pile up in the middle of the bunch.

When we passed the finish going into lap two it slowed down for a couple miles. I nearly came off here as the person next to me pushed me into the gutter, this makes me fall to the back of the bunch. Then straight away there’s an attack after a corner, they were drilling it at the front with me, Riley and billy following. The bunch briefly split for a few miles. It then got brought back.


After that the race was pretty much at 25 mph till the finish. The last climb before the finish dropped most of the riders leaving about 20 left. I’m second wheel leading up to the finish then he blows up. Everyone comes round me so I try to find a way out the box, the race finished before I could. I came 7th, Riley 9th and Billy rolled in with the bunch. Pretty happy overall for our first outing as a new team.



Roy Thame Road Race (10th March) – Report by Jack Steel-Jessop


With the grim weather and challenging road surface, everyone was keen to get racing right from the word go. 



Early moves established quicker than we'd expected, with 4 groups on the road within the first two laps of the race! As the groups started to spread out it was obvious it wasn't all coming back together, luckily I was able to dig in and get across to one of the front groups before it was too late. A big crash at the front of the main bunch unfortunately took Matt out of the race at this point. Thankfully he was OK, his bike less so!


Will had chipped off with a small group just behind us so we were making progress, but luck was not on our side for the final lap. His Di2 ran out of battery and I punctured with no sight of a support car, so onwards to Jock Wadley the following day...



Jock Wadley Road Race (11th March) – Report by Ollie Taylor


This race is best described as a blur from start to finish, mainly because I couldn't see a thi