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BiKE SERVICING & REPAIRS FROM our experienced team

Most bicycle workshops require you to nab a slot weeks in advance – not at Flamme Rouge! 

We don't take advance bookings at all. Sound crazy? Think of it like a barber shop: just turn up, find out how long the wait will be, and pop your bike into the queue. Most of the time, you'll be looking at 2 or 3 day turnaround. So if you've had a last-minute mechanical ahead of an event, the Flamme Rouge workshop is here to help!


Our Workshop Menu:


Meet our mechanics:


Our resident cyclocross and Campagnolo expert leads the team of mechanics here at Flamme Rouge. With a vast range of knowledge of all things cycling, from the technicalities of bearings through to the gluing of a tubular tyre*, you can be sure your bike is in good hands with Daniel.
*Don't ask Daniel to glue a tubular tyre!


A former 2nd category road racer, Tim has been cycling since before some of us can even remember! As our part-time mechanic, Tim is renowned for his love of both Moultons and a good egg sandwich (Daniel has a differing opinion to the sandwich choice)!