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Bike Fit: Transform your riding

Trek Precision Fit is designed in a way so that any rider can be assessed to find their optimum position and have that position applied to their bike. An optimum position establishes the best comfort, efficiency and power output. 

Pro Bike Fit £185

With the help of our Fit Jig, and our Trek Precision Fit level 2 Qualified Fitter, here at Flamme Rouge, we can provide a bike fit before buying a bike to determine the best geometry for you, or fit you to your current machine.

  • Our all-encompassing fit offers an in depth look into your capabilities to find YOUR perfect fit.
  • Within the 2-3 hour session we offer full rider interview which includes previous cycling experience, injuries/pains, future goals. A full physical assessment combining posture, flexibility, range of motion and current riding position.
  • Within the fit itself we will look at cleat/shoe set up, video analysis and biometric angle measurements and if required, a complete written report with pre and post fit measurements attached.
  • Within this timeframe we will set up your bike to dimensions determined on the jig.
  • 10% discount on shoes and components purchased as a result of the fit.

If booking a fit on a pre-existing bike (not a new purchase from us) we will take a £50 deposit. If booking a fit on a newly purchased bike where you have qualified for a free pro-fit we will not take a deposit. Note we have a 72-hour cancellation policy. If you cannot make it for your bike fit please inform us as soon as possible so we are able to book someone else in.