The best electric bikes help you go further, faster and for longer. They provide a smooth, assisted ride on the flats and make hills easier to climb so there’s no limit to your days exploring on two wheels.

At Flamme Rouge Cycles, we have a large range of e-bikes for all types of rider and terrain from great brands including Trek, Raleigh, Haibike, Electra and Eovolt.

E-bikes for every use

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely weekend ride, a bike for your daily city commute, or to rip up the gnarliest trails on the most capable full-suspension e-MTBs, we have the perfect e-bike for you.

Having existed for decades now, e-bikes have evolved rapidly in recent years, with more options, lighter designs, compact motors and discreet batteries that last for longer.

Engineered to assist your pedalling rather than replace it entirely, an e-bike will give you a light push as you accelerate away and help you along. By law, motor assist is limited to 15.5mph, after which you’ll need to put some effort in or let gravity do the work to go any faster.

Below are some of the different types of e-bikes on offer at Flamme Rouge.

Commuter and City Bikes

E-bikes make ideal commuter bikes, especially for riders who face a hill climb between their home and their destination, or even just a car park ramp. Most e-bikes can make steep inclines feel like riding on flat terrain, so they’re excellent for riders who feel less able to get out and about on a traditional bike.

Riding a bike doesn’t have to be all big tracks or lycra; maybe you’re just looking for a smooth ride and an easy commute. The Trek Dual Sport+ and Trek FX + are great bikes with their comfortable, upright posture and versatile capabilities. Pick the FX+ for a lightweight agile ride in the city or in Bedford Town Centre and the Dual Sport+ to handle slightly rougher paths and trails. Both ranges are based on their acoustic cousins, the Dual Sport and FX, but offer bigger adventures for riders who would benefit from assist through their 35-mile battery range.

Check out our current stock of Trek Dual Sport + and Trek FX+, including the latest prices and any reductions, here.

Leisure Bikes

Does your bike come on holiday with you, or are you looking for weekend adventures? Leisure e-bikes let you explore and get a light workout without exhausting yourself. They are also designed with comfortable seats and upright riding positions, so you can enjoy the ride as much as your weekend.

The Trek Verve+ is the perfect companion for everyday riding. It has an integrated removable battery which is hidden away in the frame and can be removed without tools. It has a 250-Watt Bosch motor and comes with lights, mudguards, and a rear rack for carrying everything from shopping bags to picnics. The Electra Loft Go! Is another e-bike that will have you living your best summer-time life, with a 500Wh battery to give you plenty of range for big adventures or lots of little journeys.

Worried about space? Have you seen the Eovolt Afternoon 20″ folding bike? Weighing at just 20.9kg, the Afternoon is equally at home off road on bridleways and canal towpaths as it is on the road. It’s also perfect for taking on the train, bringing along on camping or caravanning trips, or throwing in the boot for a spontaneous drive to your nearest canal towpath or reservoir circular. With a range of colourways to choose from, it’s also a great looking and quirky bike.

Mountain Bikes

If gnarly trails and woodlands are your thing, then the Trek Rail and Trek Fuel EXe are incredible machines that have had a huge impact on the e-bike category.

The Rail will handle pretty much any trail you can throw at it and gives you a lot of confidence on the rough stuff, with long travel suspension that looks after you on rooty descents and when you’re landing those drops. The Bosch Performance Line motor delivers 85Nm of torque which helps you up the hills, with a 500Wh to 750Wh battery to offer a hefty boost over an extended period of time. Trek Rail is a big seller that has made big fans of riders all over the world.

The Fuel EXe is a new type of e-bike that delivers a more natural riding experience and rewards skilled riders with its agile handling. It made big waves in the industry on its launch last autumn; looking, feeling and sounding just like an analogue bike but offering just enough assist to keep you riding for longer. Fuel EXe is another long travel full suspension bike but the key difference is the new, barely audible TQ motor that offers 50Nm of torque to help you do what you love for longer. If you value a natural feel and more responsive ride over big power, then this will be the bike for you.

Haibike also offers a great range of e-MTBs that offer great value and some fantastic specs for the price without compromising quality or comfort. Visit us in store to see the Haibike AllTrack 4 and AllTrack 6 or talk to us about other great models from this German-engineered brand, including the full suspension AllMtn, Nduro, AllTrail and Adventr as well as the HardSeven and HardNine hardtails.

With 0% Finance, part exchange or Cycle to Work schemes; it has never been easier to get your hands on a new bike from Flamme Rouge Cycles.


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