This isn’t a bitter, ungrateful tirade against Christmas gift giving but instead a handy guide to help you skip the bad gifts for the cyclist in your life, and what to buy instead. 

Don’t: Clothing With Bikes On

You’ve seen them, those t-shirts that have a bike surrounded by flowers for women, or paired with some silly pun like ‘Cyclopath’ for men. They’re not designed for cycling, they’re not smart enough for work, so they end up in the pyjama drawer and forgotten about. 

Do: Actual Cycling Clothes

The great thing about cyclists is that they’ll be the only people who are happy, nay, enthralled to find a pair of socks in their Christmas stocking, if they are proper cycling socks. Bontrager Race Merino Wool Crew Cycling socks make a great Christmas gift for cyclists who race. They are lightweight with moisture-wicking properties, and they’ll keep your feet warm in winter when you’re on the track. They have padding on the toes and the heel for comfort, and the ribbed ankle provides compression and support. 

Don’t: Decorations Made From Old Bike Parts

You could be forgiven for thinking something recycled would be a lovely addition to our home décor. We must admit some designs can look really cool but we want to spend our free time shredding trails and smashing our PB’s, not dusting the things on our mantelpiece. 

Do: New Bike Parts

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend a rainy day is to tinker on our bike. We love making sure it’s in tip top condition for the next ride. We also love upgrades because as an affordable way to improve our kit as we get more confident. Pirelli P Zero Race TLR road race-ready tyres will have your roadie loved one crying with happiness. Low rolling resistance, dry and wet grip for year round road cycling, puncture protection, and mileage longevity make these top of our list. 

Bontrager Race Merino Socks

Pirelli P Zero Race TLR

Don’t: ‘Useful’ Accessories

Auxiliary products can be useful, but no one needs a coffee cup holder for their handlebars, or a seat protector with “I wheelie love my bike” on it, trust us. 

Do: Useful Accessories

The Bontrager Ridetime Elite Cycling Computer makes a fun and affordable gift. It’s got an easy-to-read screen and a customisable tri-field display, ANT+ connection, automatic stop/start function, and can pair to Bontrager lights to automatically turn them on at the start of a ride, and off once the ride is finished. The computer tracks speed, cadence, heart rate, power, distance, and calories burned. 

Don’t: Cycling Tool Kits

We already have them. In abundance. Two for each bike and more in the garage. Puncture repair kits, allen key sets, multitools in the shape of a bike are things we will buy when we need them (which is never, because we have so many of them already). 

Do: Bike Cleaning Kits

We supply Fenwick’s, an amazing brand for cleaning products, lubricants, protective sealants and more – basically all you need to take great care of a bike.  Fenwick’s care products make a great gift for scrubbing up after ride, and caring for their pride and joy.

Don’t: Bike Storage

Our bikes cost us a pretty penny, especially when we’re serious about racing. We will have taken every precaution necessary to ensure their safety. Yes, even if we live in an apartment, we will do what is necessary to make sure our bike doesn’t get pinched, damaged, abducted, snatched or hijacked. We’re good for storage. 

Do: Turbo Trainer

This bit of kit attached to our bike and allows us to train indoors during the winter months. The Tuo FE-C Mag Trainer is a smart trainer, for that extra special touch. It links via Bluetooth and ANT+ to mobile apps like Zwift and Wahoo RGT which tracks our cycling data. We can ride in a virtual world when the weather outside is frightful, and the data garnered by the trainer means we can see our avatar riding at an accurate pace. Indoor turbo training is a fast-growing medium, where you can even go Pro! 

Ridetime Elite Cycling Computer

Tuo FE-C Mag Trainer

Final Word

Whatever you choose to buy your cycling companion, we hope this list will help you get them a gift they actually want and makes you the hero of Christmas. If you need any advice, pop into our Bedford showroom and ask a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team who’ll be able to help you get set up with everything you need to keep your cyclist smiling this Christmas.


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