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Get a free bike fit with your carbon road bike purchase!

Transform your riding with our Bike Fit experts

Dial in the perfect fit and take your cycling to the next level. Our bike fitting studio is fully equipped to find your ideal position and our in-house professional fitter has years of experience under their belt with a Trek Precision Fit Level 2 qualification to back it up.

We'd always recommend a bike fit before buying a new bike to determine the best geometry for you, or we can fit you to your current machine! Whether you're looking for comfort or seeking performance gains (or both!), we're here to help. 



Pro Bike Fit

Our all-encompassing fit offers an in depth look into your capabilities to find YOUR perfect position. 

Full Physical Assessment

Within the 2-3 hour session we will establish previous cycling experience, injuries/pains, future goals. We then assess posture, flexibility, range of motion and current riding position.

Cleat/Shoe Setup

The feet are the foundation of a good bike fit. We will assess cleat position and determine whether arch support or wedging is needed. We offer 10% discount on shoes and components purchased as a result of the fit.


Video Analysis & Biometric Angle Measurements

Our Precision Fit studio allows us to delve into the details, using the latest technology to determine current and optimal angles within your position to inform your ideal fit.

Dialling The Position

Using the Fit Jig enables us to make small adjustments on the fly – we will tweak and fine tune your position to find your perfect fit. Following this, we will set up your bike to dimensions determined on the jig.