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Trade in your current bike against the cost of a new one 


We know the rule is N+1 but finances and space don't always allow for multiple bicycles. Take out the hassle of selling your current bike with our part exchange scheme. 

Selling your bike online is anything but stress-free. What with the time required to create a listing online, answering questions – not to mention the fees from multiple selling platforms – selling your old bike privately can be a real hassle. That is where our part exchange scheme comes in to make life easier. We work with selected second-hand bike retailers to give your bike a new home, and a new lease of life. 

How does it work?

Bring in your bike in-store, or give us a call if we are delivering your new bike to you and let us know you are looking to part exchange your bike. We'll ask you a few simple questions to find out more about the bike, and give you an estimated value.

Once we have received and inspected the bike, we will give you a confirmed price. If you agree, we will discount that value from the invoice for your new ride. 

Then we transfer your bike to our second-hand retail partner and find it a new loving home!


What type of bike can I trade in? 

We take any bike in good condition which is less than 7 years old and of an original retail value of £1500 or more. 

Do I need to bring my bike in your store?

For the initial valuation, we do not need you to bring your bike in-store. However, before we purchase it, we need to inspect it and ensure that it's not damaged, worn out or in non-rideable condition. The initial valuation is of your bike in good condition. 

Can I sell you my bike without purchasing a new one?

Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase bikes if you are not part-exchanging your bike. 

Can you collect my bike?

We are happy to collect your bike when we deliver your new bike to you, keeping things simple all on the same day.

Does my bike need to be clean and serviced?

Ideally, we would like your bike to be in a clean and well-maintained condition. The condition of your bike will affect the price we can offer.