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The Owner


A cycling enthusiast for over 30 years, Jamie used to race as a teenager in the Isle of Man before starting a career in retail. Jamie is now the owner-manager of Flamme Rouge. “I have dreamt of running a bike shop for over many years and am super excited now this has become a reality. Providing expertise, selling beautiful bikes and serving awesome coffee – what’s not to like!”


The Shop Staff


Joy loves the sociable atmosphere surrounding cycling. Having completed the 140 Mile C2C route it's on to the next challenge on her Trek Silque. Joy manages our shop rides which has created a real cycling community, riding out and back to the shop every week. She's also one of the bike fitters at Flamme Rouge, ensuring each customer feels at one with their bike.


Rich joined the Flamme Rouge team in 2019 on a strictly part-time basis... he hasn't managed to leave. He loves getting to the shop 30 minutes early to make sure the coffee machine has automatically turned itself on... like it does every day. Rich has turned his hand to many different aspects of Flamme Rouge from building bikes to making the perfect panini.


Billy came to Flamme Rouge with a background in triathlon, nowadays he's shaking off that image and focusing on just the one discipline; riding. Although he has pondered about going back to the dark side in the hope of winning something. When Billy is not working at the shop, or riding his bike, he's probably doing something to do with ice cream.


Sarah joined Flamme Rouge as the Team Manager in 2019. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there was to be no real racing in 2020 and so Sarah took to coming into the shop on a social basis at first. Having previously worked in bike shops it was a natural instinct to pick up the phone when it was ringing... we haven't managed to get rid of her since.


The Mechanics


Our resident Cyclocross and Campagnolo expert leads the team of mechanics here at Flamme Rouge. With a vast range of knowledge of all things cycling, from the technicalities of bearings through to the gluing of a tubular tyre*, you can be sure your bike is in good hands with Daniel. *Don't ask Daniel to glue a tubular tyre!


A former 2nd, 3rd and 4th category road racer, Tim has been cycling since before some of us can even remember! As our part-time mechanic, Tim is renowned for his love of both Moulton's and a good egg sandwich (Daniel has a differing opinion to the sandwich choice)!