Who remembers the feeling of first setting eyes on an amazing new bike? There’s nothing that beats that level of excitement as you’re riding down the road in your PJs to take it for a quick spin!

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or treating someone you love to a fab gift, read on to find out how the Marlin range, the world’s favourite Trek, might be just what you’re looking for and with savings of over £200 available in our Trek Marlin sale, now is the perfect time to order this hugely popular bike!

Here are 5 things that make the Trek Marlin such popular machine!!!

1. Versatility to the max 

Whether it’s your first bike or it’s an upgrade, this lightweight bike is a great choice for someone getting to grips with going off-road. 

With high stiffness and plenty of strength, Trek Marlins are ideal for getting into the mountain biking scene and building your confidence. The geometry of this bike – the angle of the frame – is perfectly set up to give you the stability you need. This bike can take you pretty much anywhere, whether it’s riding to school or hitting the trails on the weekend. 

2. A price point to get you started on the trails

Starting at £475, these bikes are a great entry point into the mountain bike scene. Fantastically built and with all the features you’d expect, such as the strong and lightweight aluminium frame, the Marlin range is undoubtedly a great way into the sport and the MTB community. It’ll take you exactly where you want to go. 

Check out the Trek Marlin 7, a mid-range bike that punches well above its weight in terms of performance at its price point. From £23.72 per month, this bike is an excellent example of how performance can be delivered on a budget. We also offer 0% finance to help you spread the cost and a lifetime warranty will keep you on two wheels. 

Pictured: TREK MARLIN 5 from £620.00

3. A bike that grows with you

Adjustable forks allow you to adapt your bike travel – the amount your suspension moves – as you start to tackle tougher terrain. Sizes XS and up can be adjusted to allow more suspension travel as you increase in confidence and try out more challenging trail features. This is a great option for a bike that grows with you.  

4. Slacker for more stability 

Trek’s brand-new 2023 upgrade see’s a slacker headset which means a longer wheelbase and greater stability. This makes it perfect for beginners taking on their first greens, blues, and even red runs. This bike also gets on the edge of its tyres quicker for ease of turning and the knobblier definition is great for giving you the grip you need. 

Pictured: Trek Marlin 7 available from £950.00

5. Get customised 

With the Marlin range coming in sizes from XXS to XXL you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit. Visit us in the shop to find out how we can get you paired perfectly with a new set of wheels. With all manner of compatible upgrades available, it’s easy to level up your Marlin as you develop, customising your ride to the terrain you’re tackling. A range of great colours, including Magenta, Anthracite, Trek BlackVoodoo and Aloha Green, allows you to tailor this bike to your style. 

With savings of over £200 available on Trek Marlin move fast and secure your bike.

For a test ride and to kick the tyres, visit our shop where the Flamme Rouge team will be happy to help you get set up, ready to ride and to make sure you find the perfect fit! Check out our online shop if you’re looking for some great deals and some of our best-loved bikes. 


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